There Are Many Professional Organization Options For New Attorneys

When a lawyer wants to practice law, they must first pass the bar exam. Once they pass this test, they are then admitted to the Bar. As a practicing attorney, they may specialize in certain areas of the law or remain a general attorney who can handle just about any type of case. Depending on their decision, there are a variety of professional organizations a new attorney can join. The attorney association facts vary depending on the mission and the goals of the association. Almost all attorneys become a member of the American Bar Association (ABA). It is voluntary to join the ABA, but it is considered a professional requirement by many law firms.

The ABA has more than 400,000 members. They also sponsor state and local bar associations and currently have more than 3,500 of these entities. The ABA is committed to serving its members, eliminating bias, improving the legal professional and enhancing diversity. It is also dedicated to advancing the rule of law, both within the United States and worldwide.

The ABA also provides practical support for practicing attorneys. They offer professional resources, help with accrediting law schools, and strive to establish and sustain model ethical codes. Both lawyers and law students may join the ABA, along with anyone else interested in the legal professional and the law.

Besides the ABA, there are other professional law associations. The American Association for Justice is open to all lawyers and is dedicated to promoting an effective and fair justice system.

The American College of Family Trial Lawyers is an elite organization which consists of the top 100 family trial lawyers in the United States. Formed in 1993, the College brings together some of the country’s best trial attorneys. All members are also members of the Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and are selected for membership based on their recognized courtroom abilities and litigation skills.

The National Association of Criminal Lawyers works to ensure due process and justice for anyone accused of a crime, while at the same time advancing the mission of the criminal defense lawyers in the United States. This organization has more than 10,000 members with another 40,000 who belong to provincial, state, and local affiliate organizations.

The American College of Real Estate Lawyers is an invitation-only association which recognizes nationally-known lawyers who specialize in real estate law.

The American College of Trust & Estate Counsel is an attorney professional association with more than 2,600 members who practice in this are of the law. All members are screened before acceptance and must meet certain standards of experience and integrity.

The American Immigration Lawyers Association is a national association for those who practice immigration law. Its mission is to advocate for reasonable and fair immigration policy and law, promote justice and advance the quality of nationality and immigration law and practice.

There are a number of professional organizations for practicing lawyers. Each state usually has at least one professional law organization and there are also many local affiliates. Attorney Association facts show these organizations can be very helpful, especially to a young lawyer who is just starting their practice.